A few weeks ago I wrote a post touting the wonders of Pandora Radio (see Pandora Killed the Radio Star). I hope you’ve had an opportunity to check it out. Soon after my post two things happened.

First, I had lunch with a musician friend of mine whose discriminate music tastes rival my own. Over barbeque at Shorty’s, we spoke all kinds of not nice, though accurate, things about the state of pop/rock music and the industry, and how a service like Pandora allows us to listen to not only our favorite artists but also others we might never have explored (or heard of). “Corporately-run radio shoves music down our throats, none of which is palatable. Please pass the barbeque sauce.”

Second, I received a message from the Pandora folks who were appreciative of my plug. (Did I say folks? I’m becoming rural.) They need grassroots promotion from bloggers like me with subscriptions in the … well, maybe tens. But you twelve, you’re movers and shakers. You’ll make things happen.

Pandora contacted me via Twitter. (I guess my email address is nowhere to be found here on my blog. I should look into that.) I’m proud to say Pandora is following yours truly. Of course, they’re following 43,202 other people. But I like to think my tweets rise above the pack, due to their profoundness and at times comedic fantabulousness, though due to large adjectives, I’m frequently exceeding the 140-character limit.

You may soon see me sporting a new Pandora T-shirt, their gift of appreciation. I guess they figured that though I reach (currently) just a handful of people with my blog, I could promote Pandora to thousands by wearing their brand on my chest. (Do they know I live in a small town?) I’m hoping with this blog that maybe they’ll send me a hat next time. ipadMaybe I’ll even wear it to church. I could easily promote Pandora to 500 people at church with a hat. Maybe even toss it out with my picks (I use Snarling Dog Brain Picks) to adoring fans at the end of the set.

After receiving Pandora’s message, I began wondering what else I could promote. Hmm. I think the newer Apple offering, the iPad looks pretty cool. And I’m wanting to upgrade to an iPhone 4. A Gibson Les Paul would look great next to my Fender Strat. And why not add a Taylor to the Martin I have already? I really like the new Yamaha Motif XS8, a fantastic keyboard with a great piano patch and Hammond B3 simulations. Man, I could really get people worshiping if I had these fantastic instruments! Worshiping something.

Have I mentioned the Owens Family likes Panera? Bread, salads, sandwiches, soup, pastries. Bravo is a great Italian place (love the Bolognese). You can get yummy Mediterranean at Aladdin’s Eatery (delectable hummos). ed2b81ca-2000-441e-b272-f946fdeca98fI saw there’s one somewhat close by. For my Toledo friends, it’s near the mall, next to Coldstone Creamery. (Yum, but we like Handel’s better, though we’re taking a liking to Ritter’s) By the way, Shorty’s is on Monroe Street in Toledo, just northwest of Tremainsville. (Great cornbread, and I don’t even like cornbread.)

I’ll continue to promote stuff I like but not to get something. I just want you to enjoy the things we’ve found. If I can get a T-shirt for writing several hundred words (or more), hey, that’s just icing on the cake. (Cake in a Cup in Sylvania is fantastic. Try the red velvet.) Besides, if you can’t say anything nice, then you shouldn’t say anything at all. But if you must, then blog it cowardly and watch your subscriptions soar.

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