I’m taking off this week from posting to prepare for changes in 2011. Mostly, these will be cosmetic, though I think you’ll find the site will be easier to navigate.

If you know me well then you know I like to change things up (or down or whatever way they weren’t). I try to take different routes to work just to change the scenery. I used to like to move furniture around to see how the view looks when the couch faces north instead of west. It’s taken some time but I’ve found a look for this blog I think I’d like to stick with for a while. But who knows, maybe in 2012 I’ll change it again.

Next week look for a series of posts on resolutions, some things I’ve learned (am learning) that might help you out. Until then, if you’d like, check out some of my featured posts on the right. These have risen out of the dross of everything else I’ve written 2010.

See you in 2011.

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