Happy New Year! I hope you like the new look.

Speaking of new looks, many of you, whether sincerely or just as a formality, will make some sort of resolution as we begin 2011 together. I’d like to help a little with these resolutions.

I did some minor research and will post on some of the more common resolutions we make. All of these will help us grow as followers of Jesus, as some will focus on things like reading the Bible and praying. Others will address the standard resolutions many Americans make regarding physical fitness and financial goals.

As with everything I write, please understand that I don’t consider I’ve reached the mountaintop and want to share how I did it. No, I’m still climbing. I fail at these all the time. But I’ve also had some successes. We all can learn from both.

I’ll post about three times a week, so check back. Or better yet, simply subscribe so you don’t miss any posts, follow me on Twitter, or “like” my Facebook page.

Giveaways to Get You Started

To help you with some of these resolutions, I’m going to be giving away a couple items. They’ve helped me and can help you. Stay tuned and invite your friends along.

Something I’m aiming for: I resolve to play piano like Bruce Hornsby. Check out this video of one of my favorite musicians.

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