As you might know, I’m a huge fan of baseball and in particular the Arizona Diamondbacks, despite how they’ve played the last few seasons. I started following the D-Backs in 1998 when Arizona opened its franchise. But I don’t have a football team to root for. I watched the Cardinals simply because they were in Tempe, but when I moved to Ohio, I pretty much forgot about them until last year when they surprised the Steelers by not lying down.

I’ve seen only a handful of NFL games this year and hardly any college games. Cindy loathes football. The crowd noise alone irritates her. For the most part our girls aren’t too fond of football either. So I’m waiting for our boys to get a little older, when we can overtake the remote.

I’ll need a team for us to follow. I tried watching the Lions, since we lived near Detroit, but they were pitiful. And now that we live near Cincinnati, we could try the Bengals, but they’re not much better. How about the Colts. They have a pretty good quarterback, though I’d like to see a more¬†balanced team, one that runs a little more.

So any suggestions? Can you sell me on the Steelers and help me ignore Rothlisberger’s off-the-field actions? Or should I root for the Packers sans Favre?

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