Remember Fruit Stripe gum?

Such lively flavor. And five different ones, not like the boring only-one-flavor-in-a-pack Hubba Bubba or Big League Chew. Plus you got seventeen sticks, not just five. Good thing, because you needed all of them. The flavor in a stick of Fruit Stripe gum lasted about a minute. Really, it was just candy that you chewed then spit out. Unless you swallowed it. And if so, then that Fruit Stripe still, as they say, resides on the walls of your stomach, sort of like that gum wall at Maid Rite in Greenville, Ohio.

Maybe during your devotional time you don’t think about the gum or candy you enjoyed as a kid. (I liked Chick-O-Sticks too.) But I was reminded of Fruit Stripe when I read this:

Jacob, you have not prayed to me. Israel, you have grown tired of me. —Isaiah 43:22 GW

(Jacob is another name for Israel.)

Your Fill of Me

Did you ever have a boyfriend or girlfriend who broke up with you because he or she didn’t love you anymore? Did you ever say those words to someone else? I did. And I had those words spoken to me: I think I just don’t love you anymore. And even worse, the postscript: I’m not sure I ever did.

Now consider the God of the Universe saying: You’ve become bored with me. You’ve had your fill of me.

There’s an Ingrid Michaelson song called “December Baby” where she chants the phrase, “You have had your fill, your fill of me” over and over. You can imagine a teenage girl crying into her journal. A boy who’s probably not even worth her time has broken her fragile heart. Now imagine the Creator of everything that breathes crying into his journal: You have had your fill of me.

It’s unfathomable that Israel would grow tired of God and not the opposite. God was infinitely patient with his chosen people. He put up with their adulteries in one affair after another, one false god after another. But indeed he does grow weary of them—and us:

You burdened me with your sins and troubled me with your wrongdoings. —Isaiah 43:24 GW

How do I show God that I’ve grown tired of him? Is it when I’m inattentive? When he speaks and I halfheartedly listen with no real intention to act on anything he tells me? How often do I completely ignore God? Is it when I sin? When I choose something other than him for fulfillment?

My sins and my faults do trouble God. But instead of writing me off, he covers my sin with the righteousness of Jesus. He throws them as far as the east is from the west, which is pretty far, and sees me with love and grace. Though I weary my God, he shows faithful patience toward me.

I alone am the one who is going to wipe away your rebellious actions for my own sake. I will not remember your sins {anymore}. —Isaiah 43:25 GW

And he will be patient with you too.

2 thoughts on “The Thrill Is Gone

  1. Loved this–what a great thought provoking question. How do I show God that I am tired of Him? It may not even be intentional, but is that what my actions are saying? Deep stuff, Friend!


    1. I think the past 15 years or so of following Jesus could be summarized by saying that God has been constantly pursuing me. I lose interest and he strives to woo me again. Oh, that if I’d only pursue him consistently.


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