Last week I took a few days off from posting. At first I didn’t want to because I’d committed to posting every day in 2011. See, in late January, I took my blog from three posts per week (or so) to seven posts.

But taking the time off was good, especially because I’d read something at The Daily Post that asked us to write about three goals for our blog. I wasn’t sure what those three goals were prior to postaday2011, but since I began the challenge, they’d become even more convoluted.

Writing, what good does it serve? I should say, what good does it do me? Or more precisely, how does it serve my readers? Is it just an outlet or something I’ve got to get out of my system, like an artist who must paint or a musician who must compose?

What if I’m not feeling it? Should I only write when I want to? Surely discipline is good for working your craft. I’ve made it far as I have in music—wherever that is—because of discipline. Do I really have aspirations as a writer? Is that one of the goals? Simply to become a better writer? Maybe.

Here’s why I think I write, what the point is of Say What You Will—why I say what I will, if you will.

  • I write about what I observe in Scripture (by the guiding of the Holy Spirit). I used to be in a small Bible study where one of the guys frequently commented that I always seemed to have something extra to add. Partly it was additional commentaries I used, but it was also just slowing down and journaling about what I was reading. I’ll continue with one Closer Look post a week. Maybe even write a series.
  • I write about what I observe in everyday life. Though he might be too young to pinpoint, Micah (our almost 2 year old) might have my knack for observation. He seems to study things and people, and you can almost see the gears rotating in his mind. For me, what I observe in life may be current or from the past. It might be serious or funny. We miss out on so much if we’re not paying attention. Blogging regularly in this vein forces me to pay attention. Thus, I won’t miss out.
  • I write about how music and books affect me. I signed up a few months ago with two publishing houses to read and review books on my blog. I’ve done a little this and plan to continue. (I just wish I could find more eBooks being offered.) Regarding music, I’ll continue to share about what I’m listening to—new and old music, music for worship, pop/rock, jazz, classical. I’ll do less detailed reviews and more short ones. That way I can write about more of the music I’m enjoying (or not).
  • Lastly, I write about our Sunday morning services. I’ve definitely benefited from Worship Community’s Sunday Setlists—as has my church, since I’ve put to use what other people have done successfully. It’s good for me to review how Sunday went. Here, I’d like to encourage more comments from my team of artists and worshipers in the congregation. I also want to include video whenever I can.

There you have it. I’ll scrap the weekend and go with Monday through Friday. I think that still counts for postaday2011. Most of the blogs I read don’t feature new posts on the weekends either. What? Do I think I’m better than them? Certainly not. This is just my little corner of the world. Maybe you can visit me a few times a week. Not every day. That’s just crazy.

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