Late Monday afternoon, I overheard some kids in the locker room at the YMCA. It seems I’m always learning something there (see my post “Stuff Boys Say in a Locker Room”). The conversation went something like this:

“They caught a bad guy.”

“What bad guy?”

“You remember the Twin Towers?”

“The what?”

“The towers that fell down.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Well, this bad guy was behind all that.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

(I’m pretty sure those kids were born after 9/11.)

I actually had no idea what they were talking about. I hadn’t read any news or been on Facebook in at least 24 hours. So as soon as I started my warm-up on the treadmill, I opened up USA Today on my iPhone and saw link after link of news stories regarding Osama bin Laden. I read a few there and at BBC News, and I wasn’t sure what to feel or think, just that I needed to pick up the pace or I’d be wasting my time at the gym.

We talked about it as a family briefly around the dinner table. Our consensus was that not much changed in the world on Sunday. For until Christ returns and creates the world anew, evil will remain. Navy SEALs and bullets cannot rid the world of evil, whether it’s the kind behind a terrorist plot or the kind that causes a mother to microwave her own child—or the kind that lurks in my own heart (see Matthew 15:18-20).

We combat evil only by the power of God’s Spirit, as we look forward to the day when it will be banished forever. As John encouraged us to pray: Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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