I’m up early today for the first time in a while, aside from church yesterday. Doing what I always love in the early hours. Reading Scripture, journaling, listening to music. Classical today. Something to ease me back into working after about three weeks off.

Not only did I holiday from my real job as a worship arts pastor, but I also didn’t write anything. Except for the two live blogs from our vacation: Yuma, AZ or Bust and Return Trip. So I need to get back into the mode of writing. Thankfully, I wrote some posts prior to our leaving, so I’m not entirely behind.

I may in the coming weeks sum up our trip, but for now I’ll say simply that I’m grateful we were able to spend time with our family back home. The highlight for me might have been a sort of family reunion, when nearly all my aunts, uncles, and cousins on my mother’s side—I don’t know any on my father’s—gathered on a Sunday afternoon for a cookout. Most of us stayed inside, since it was above 110 that day, except the kids (second cousins) who swam and the few reluctant parents who served as lifeguards. I also got to meet my new nephew (my brother’s) and my new niece (Cindy’s sister’s first).

Perhaps next time we can save more for airfare, which will allow us to stay longer. Although, the drive was at times pretty fun. But mostly we just endured it.

Well, that’s it. Sorry I have nothing witty or inspirational today. I’m hoping it’ll return. Like my voice, which was rough yesterday after basically leading four services (two and their rehearsals).

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