Well, my formerly hapless D-backs are hanging in there. Eight games above .500 and just four games behind the NL West leading Giants, winners of last year’s World Series. It’s fun watching budding sluggers Justin Upton, Chris Young, and Miguel Montero, and young dart throwers Ian Kennedy and Daniel Hudson all come into their own, guided by manager and former Fall Classic hero Kirk Gibson.

But I have to say, I’m a little irritated that I’ll be losing more of my blow money. Blow money is Dave Ramsey’s term for the spend-on-whatever-I-want-without-talking-to-my-wife money. We each get some every month.

So, at the start of the season, I signed up for MLB.tv, which gives me access to just about every Major League Baseball game, most in high def. I can watch on my computer, my iPhone, or my iPad. In fact, our two-year-old, Micah, thinks that’s all I can do on my iPad—watch baseball. He doesn’t care that I have a library of books and sheet music on it. I pull out my iPad to type an email, and, so he can play along, he reaches for a cardboard, paper towel roll that he uses as a bat.

I’d subscribed to MLB.tv in the past, but a couple years ago I decided not to renew. The boys in Sedona red (formerly purple and teal) had been playing awful, well out of the race by June. But this year, MLB.tv introduced a new feature. I could cancel anytime and not have to pay for the entire season. I figured I’d pay for a couple months, cancel, and settle for ESPN’s usual Yankees/Red Sox matchups.

But here we are just six days from the trade deadline, and the D-backs look like they might be buyers. Maybe another bat or bullpen arm. Perhaps a rotation addition. They’ll be buying.

And I will too. For at least another month.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m irritated at the D-backs’ success

  1. My brother happened to be at the game last night….think of the money as well-spent memories for you and Micah. 🙂 


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