Another short post from a Daily Post idea.

What film have you seen more than any other?

During our junior high summers, my sister and I would watch a handful of movies over and over, wearing out the tapes. Of course, this was back when you could wear out actual tape. Two movies come to mind:

  • Pretty Woman
  • Can’t Buy Me Love

Two movies that were a little similar. You’re probably familiar with Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. He’s a multi-millionaire with attachment issues and she’s a street walker in Hollywood originally from the Midwest. Sort of like Cinderella if she’d been a prostitute and more ambitious.

The other stars Patrick Dempsey pre-Dr. McDreamy. He was a nerd—dork, geek, whatever you call him—who thinks he can buy his way into becoming popular. It works but later the project implodes. Can’t Buy Me Love might still be one of my favorite movies.

What about you? What movies have you seen more than any others?

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