I used to share an office at my former church with the two other pastors.  We had very little space in our building, so we converted one of our loft rooms to a big office. But we didn’t cordon off our desks with cubicle walls or anything. We had our little spaces, but we did nothing to separate ourselves.

We probably could have used more adequate ventilation up there, because it always smelled like Doritos and farts, which one of us constantly tried to combat with his potent vanilla candles. It was a lot like a dorm room, really. Although, a mini-fridge would have been nice. And maybe a couch.

We had a lot of fun. But it was sometimes a difficult working environment, since we were constantly interrupting each other. We’d share what we were reading in Scripture and books or anything that came to mind. Pat would basically preach his sermons to me, and I half listened, while I tried to work on music or graphic design. On Sundays, what he taught always sounded vaguely familiar to me.

And then there were two

At times we had to block out the others with one of us putting in ear buds, while the other two would pretend to gossip about the one. Eventually, the senior pastor moved out to a newly-created office downstairs, taking his candles with him, and Pat and I were free to speak ill of him whenever we wanted.

There were less interruptions with the chattiest of us three gone, and Pat and I tried to set some boundaries. One item we permitted to disrupt the other with was breaking news that happened at least once a week. Here’s how it would play out:

“Uh oh, stop what you’re doing.”

“What is it?”

“You won’t believe this.”

“Brad is taking his coffee break at Old Yankee Candle?”

“No, iTunes has come out with a new update.”

“What?! It’s been at least three days since I downloaded the last one.”

iTunes updates. We always joked about their frequency.

I was thinking of all this, because I just installed the new WordPress update. If you’re unfamiliar, WordPress is an open source blog application, which I use here at SWYW. WordPress makes it easy to write and upload posts. I’ve learned a few things about codes, so I can make it as snazzy as I have. (In reality, I purchased a theme from Woo Themes and made some adjustments.) I’ve installed various plugins, like the “Recent Posts” to the left or the “Readability” link that you may have never tried. (Try it, click NOW above.)

Like iTunes, WordPress is constantly updating. As of my writing, I’m currently using 3.2.1, which came out on July 12, only eight days after 3.2.0. Plugins also update. I love that software updates like. I remember how you used to have to purchase actual discs and install manually. Now it’s just a few clicks. Facebook updates without asking us. The worship application we use, Planning Center Online, is always updating—adding excellent new features or just making things easier.

Automatic Updates

I was thinking of other updates. If I could have automatic updates in life, what would I want to update?

How about my clothes? Maybe new clothes would appear in my closet automatically. Or they could simply adjust to my ever-changing waist size.

Maybe my car. What if every time I pumped gas, the computer asked, “Would you like to add the new Bluetooth technology?” Or “We can monitor your tire pressure automatically now. Would you like to add that?” Or perhaps, “We’ve just upgraded your gas mileage. You should be getting 102 mpg now.”

What about food in our fridge? We can hardly keep milk in the fridge, so I’m not worried about that. But how about eggs and lunch meat that never go bad? I’d never have to inspect the cottage cheese. “Is this white cheddar or bleu cheese?” “Should sour cream be this sour?” “These leftovers, when was it that we had spaghetti for dinner?”

What if I could stay updated automatically on the latest in pop culture? My girls would never doubt my coolness.

What would you want to update automatically?

Maybe not this, though. I prefer the classic.

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