Yesterday, I wrote about how I’m drawn to try new things, instead of, for instance, resting on my music laurels—whatever those are. (Check out yesterday’s post.)

See, I have a couple story ideas. Basic plotlines and characters for two different novels. However, I’ve not dabbled in fiction in quite a long time. Really, not since high school English class. The same could be said of composing. I was prolific in high school. I’d sit in class and write lyrics, which I’d set to music later at home. Now, none of it was any good, but at least I was exercising that creative muscle.

Once Upon a Time

Back to the fiction. Since I love technology, I searched for an iPad app or computer software to help me develop my ideas. There are some wonderful tools for storyboarding, character development, research organization, etc. But I was intimidated by these tools, because I realized there might be a bit more to writing fiction than simply opening a new Word document and starting with, “Once upon a time …”

I love good fiction to the point that I’d probably not be satisfied with anything I’d attempt. See, I seldom offer myself grace like I do for others. I forget that I’m simply a novice, that I haven’t been writing for 25 years like I’ve been playing music. But I’m also concerned about these ideas, which I think are unique and full of potential, because I doubt I’ll be able to do them justice. So I’ll start somewhere else.

I’m going to employ some creative writing exercises, the result of which I may even post here. But this means I may need to write less blog posts. I’ll try to stay somewhat regular with posting, though likely not every day. I’m not going to force myself to write a post just to get it out there. I did that the other day. When I was done with the post, I realized that I didn’t even want to read it, and I usually like what I write­—at least, I’m growing comfortable with my voice, just like I had to with my singing voice.

Looking for the Ideal Coffee House

The other day I visited a new coffee place. New for me, at least. A friend told me about it. I sat down with my bagel and coffee and thought, I could write in a place like this. That was my first thought. I usually work in coffee houses, getting stuff done for music ministry, and I occasionally write blog posts. But that new place triggered something. It said, You can do this. So I’m going to try.

Would I be better served focusing my artistic vigor into one form? Perhaps. But if I have the ability, then I want to invest in it. Jesus said something about how we’ll be asked about what we did with what God gave us.

I may never master any of my trades, but I will certainly enjoy them.

2 thoughts on “Renaissance Man or Jack of All Trades? – Part 2

  1. Since I just found you I will miss your regular posts, but to “everything there is a season.”  I could comment on lots more of this, but I might bore you.  May God bless your writing and enjoy an extra cup of coffee for me!


    1. I’ll still be writing but won’t force myself to, only when there’s something I want to write. This will help me to consider better who I’m writing to, rather than just getting it out there.

      Thanks for the constant encouragement.


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