What a week to be a fan of baseball!

Last Friday afternoon I was on my way out of the locker room at the Y when I saw a guy with a Green Bay Packers duffel bag. I asked if he was a fan of Wisconsin sports or just the Packers. I thought we could rib each other a bit about that night’s League Division Series game. He said he could never get into baseball.

Sad. Because there have been some great games in the opening round of this year’s postseason. Three of the four match-ups will be decided in five of the possible five games. My team, the Arizona Diamondbacks, looked expectedly pitiful in their first two games in Milwaukee, only to outslug the Brewers in their games at home.

Tonight I’m hoping for a series win and for the Phillies to lose their game against the Cardinals. Of the remaining teams, the D-backs seem the least likely of candidates for a championship, unlike their run a decade ago. So I hold out little hope. Mostly because I don’t want to be too disappointed. And also because I’ll be less volatile during the game.

It’ll just be Micah and me tonight. The girls will be at a Jr. High retreat, and Cindy will be scrapbooking. Since the game starts at 5 pm EDT, I’m planning to DVR it and watch it later in the evening, which is a bit of a bummer because I’ve had fun following the games on my MLB.TV app and commenting on Twitter. Instead, I’ll be ignoring text messages and Facebook.

Several years ago, before I had all this technology at my disposal, I simply used our VCR to catch games on the West Coast. The D-backs were playing the Braves, and this was when TBS aired a lot of Braves games — I’m not sure if they still do. So I recorded the game and watched it the next morning. I kept the tape for a long time, since it turned out to be Randy Johnson’s perfect game. I could have easily checked online for the score, but I’m glad I didn’t.

I doubt there’ll be a perfect game tonight. Maybe a ticket to the League Championship Series for the boys in Sedona Red.

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