I’ve been reading a lot lately. Since the beginning of summer, really. Here are some books I’ve read, am reading, and will read.

Books I’ve Read

  • The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins (fiction) — I started with the first and had to put my other books on hold to finish the trilogy. Read my review here.
  • Daddy Dates by Greg Wright (nonfiction) — A pretty good book about being a father to girls. Read my review here.
  • Average Joe by Troy Meeder (nonfiction) — My most recent read. A call to men to embrace their averageness, or so it would seem. Look for my review soon.
  • The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly (fiction) — An intriguing story, even if the characters were rather shallow. Still, this is the first in a series I may follow. On occasion I need books I don’t have to think about.
  • Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson (nonfiction) — I’d considered writing a review of this but just didn’t feel up to the task. I gleaned some great principles concerning raising boys, having separated the wheat from the chaff (Dobson’s soapbox diatribes of modern culture).

Several books about hell and heaven for an upcoming series of posts:

  • Erasing Hell by Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle (nonfiction) — A grace-filled rebuttal of Rob Bell’s controversial book. Probably the best of these.
  • Hell, Rob Bell, and What Happens When People Die by Bobby Conway (nonfiction) — This wasn’t nearly as good as Erasing Hell. Read my review here.
  • Is Hell for Real or Does Everyone Go to Heaven? Various Contributors (nonfiction) — Honestly I don’t remember this one. I must have skimmed through it. I apparently made some highlights that I’ll look over when I pick up my research again.
  • Heaven and the Afterlife by James Garlow (nonfiction) — I started reading this shortly after my father died a little over two years ago and read parts of it this summer. This along with Heaven was very encouraging.
  • Heaven by Randy Alcorn (nonfiction) — This is a short FAQs-like book, a condensed version of a longer one of his. I’ll be sharing more on this, as well as N. T. Wright’s Surprised by Hope, in my posts about heaven and the new earth.
  • Heaven Is for Real by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent (nonfiction) — I couldn’t finish this one. In light of the other books I was reading, I wasn’t up to reading a “personal” account of heaven. I prefer to know what Scripture says, rather than the testimony of a child.

Books I’m Reading

  • The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson (fiction) — The second in a three-part series (or are there more to follow?). I liked the first despite the few violent scenes, though I’m not sure about this one. It seems to move slower.
  • Bonhoeffer by Eric Metexas (biography) — I’m reading this for a review, which may be awhile to come, since it’s rather long and detailed. I’m sure it will be worth it, though, to study the life of the German theologian who resisted Hitler and the Nazis.

Books I’m Planning to Read

  • The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien (fiction) — I’ve neither read the book nor seen the movies — a travesty, I know.
  • The Litigators by John Grisham (fiction) — soon to be released.
  • The Art of Curating Worship by Mark Pierson (nonfiction) — Though I’ve been leading in worship ministry for 15+ years, there is much for me to learn about the art of designing and leading others in worship.

I never got to the classics I mentioned in My Summer Bookbag. Maybe when it gets cold and there’s little to do.

So, what are you reading?

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      1. That is what we are doing. ­čÖé┬á Josh and I have a small group that meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday, and we are watching the DVDs, too!


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