Short post today to make you aware of a great Christmas project I’ve been listening to — and worshiping with. I’d heard of Phil Wickham before but not any of his music. I still haven’t checked out any of his other stuff, but his Songs for Christmas indicates it’ll be worth checking into.
Most of the tracks will be familiar to you, standard Christmas hymns arranged without much adornment but, oh, so good. Phil Wickham’s tenor voice floats above the acoustic and (mostly) clean electric guitars, pianos, light drums, and strings here and there. He leads what seems like a Christmas Eve service, the kind I’d love to attend if I weren’t expected to lead one myself.

Wickham’s “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” is warm and sincere, and I love this triple-meter take in the B section. He just might have something on Karen Carpenter — and probably sings higher too.

“Evermore” is one of those songs that sounds pleasantly familiar, the kind of worship song you find easy to sing along to but that haven’t yet grown tired of. I’m not sure if it’s original or a song buried in some obscure hymnal.

Purchase and download Songs for Christmas. You won’t be disappointed.

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