I was standing in line at a grocery store recently and saw a magazine teaser on a usually pretty safe periodical. This on the cover of Prevention magazine:

Sexier Sex – When and How You Want It

I wasn’t put off so much by the content, because, hey, maybe they have some good advice. No, it was how they used the adjective. Sexier sex? Sex is sex. Could it be sexier? Is there sexiest sex?

I remember in elementary English class that we weren’t allowed to define a word using the word. This would have received an ‘F’:

Difficult = when something is difficult, as in: that’s a difficult word to define, or maybe it’s just hard, I don’t know.

Sexier sex? Is there watery water? Could something be beautifully beautiful? Frigidly frigid? Scorchingly scorching? Beefy beef?

I’ve grown weary of the word sexy as an adjective. It’s everywhere. One of the TV commentators of the D-backs, for instance, is always saying that home runs are sexy. (Bringing to mind the old Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine commercials where they conceded that indeed chicks dig the log ball.) 

The writer in me deplores the overuse of a single word. An end-all adjective. Why not consider other descriptors?

Sexier sex? I could offer some better adjectives, but I try to keep SWYW PG-13.

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