Happy New Year! A new look for a new year. I told you last year that I like to change things up from time to time. I’m hoping the site looks cleaner and you, my various readers, can find your favorite posts more easily.

I’ve been thinking about the resolutions I halfheartedly made for 2011. I wanted to learn a little Spanish, take off some weight, write some fiction. Was I wanting to learn the mandolin?

Well, I lost weight and put a little back on. I never learned any more Spanish. I haven’t written a word of fiction, unless you include some of my more outlandish posts here. And I haven’t touched a mandolin.

I think it’s good to have goals. Cindy and I have some financial goals and career goals — or at least, ideas. But lately we’ve been talking about deeper goals, ones that are a little harder to assess. I’ve been reading through Proverbs, and I keep running into a few deeper issues.

Learning the mandolin would be nice, but learning to listen more and speak less would be more profitable.

As would becoming more generous and less self-sufficient.

And the most daunting for me personally:
learning to welcome rebuke
or correction, or reproof, or whatever word sounds more palatable.

The past few months I’ve shared a little of my transformed view of my role as a pastor, and I’ll share more on this in a book review later this week. I’ve grown increasingly aware that my foremost calling is to pastor my family. I’ll save more on this for another book review on Family Shepherds.

As I’ve been reading through Proverbs, I’ve thought, I need to share this with my family. See, I write posts and share what God is showing me in Scripture, and I do occasionally share these things with the girls. But I want to become more intentional about guiding them through Scripture, showing them how I approach God’s Word, and how he speaks through it. I want to cultivate in them and Micah a deep love and appreciation for the Bible like Bonhoeffer’s — again for a forthcoming review. (I’ve been reading a lot!)

Therefore, I resolve in 2012 to become a better pastor/shepherd for my family, to listen more, to become more generous, to welcome rebuke. And maybe lose a little weight so I can fit into my troubadour costume especially for serenading Cindy in Spanish while accompanying myself on the mandolin.

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