Short post today. I’ve been writing a lot and getting ready for a financial class I’ll be teaching next month.

I may have mentioned before that I love playing Words With Friends. I’ve always liked Scrabble. I remember once when Cindy and I were playing with my twin sister and Cindy’s two sisters — I think they were both there. My mother may have also been playing with us too. Team play. I just remember Becky (my sister) getting frustrated and tossing the board, tiles flying every which way. Good times.

If you’d like to play with me, my username is ljmdad. Though, I must warn you, I’ve been known to put up some numbers. My highest-ever tally against no less than my little sister: 142 points playing the word


(Amy is my sister-in-law, actually, the little sister I always wanted to tease.) She’s a writer herself, so it was no small feat taking her down.

One thing you won’t get with me, however: I don’t run up the score — usually.

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