I’m excited to begin teaching a new financial class this week. As you’re probably aware, I’ve been for quite a while a strong proponent of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. For some reason, however, interest in the class at my church has been minimal. We offered it two years ago and had a great response, but not much since.

This lack of response led me to reevaluate FPU, and I discovered that I no longer wanted to facilitate it. I want to help our people learn how money and possessions can devastate us spiritually and relationally when they aren’t held in check, more so than to get people to take the right steps in the right order for building wealth.

So I did some looking around and discovered Howard Dayton’s book Your Money Map, which is similar to FPU but with a greater spiritual emphasis. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find curriculum for a class, so I had to assemble my own. This has enabled me to compile the information I think is most important to teach in a four-week class.

Mostly I’m plagaraizing Howard Dayton and borrowing from Dave Ramsey, Tim Keller, and Andy Stanley, among others. Not everything is unoriginal, however, as I will offer principles God has shown me over the years both as hard knocks experience and through my own reading of Scripture.

Here are the sessions:

  1. The Journey — an introductory lesson
  2. Destinations — very practical, in terms of spending plans and other financial statements
  3. Relating with Money — how we relate to one another regarding money, including how can we teach our kids about finances
  4. Manna and Mammon — some pointed things Jesus specifically had to say about money

For those interested in attending the FREE class, it will begin Wednesday, February 1 at 6:30 pm at Eaton COB’s Barron Street campus.

4 thoughts on “Money Map

  1. Definitely wish we could! I have been disheartened with some of FPU, but it’s because of the lack of spiritual significance.  Praying for revelation to abound in your class.


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