A break from my Notes from a 1st Century Pastor series.

Many of my non-liturgical friends might be unaware that today is Ash Wednesday. If you read last year’s post about this time (“Fat Wednesday and Other Irreverent Ideas“), then you’d know we just began observing this day on the church calendar.

After dinner tonight and before we head out for Jr. High BigGroup (our church’s weekly youth worship gathering) and my Money Map class, we’ll worship together as I impose ashes on our children and my wife (and Cindy on me). These ashes will represent for us our repentance and identification with Christ and his covering for our sin.

The girls were a little concerned about having to go out in public this year with ash on their foreheads. I reminded them that they will be among other believers, though, admittedly, junior high believers can tease with the best of the heathen ones. To console them further, I informed them that I’d be teaching a class with people staring at me for 90 minutes.

We’ll begin today a book I heartily recommend, although I’ve previewed but one chapter. We’ll read the first chapter together tonight and the following entries for the period of Lent, which I’m planning for us to read before the girls head out for school. You can get N. T. Wright’s Lent for Everyone: Matthew Year A through amazon.com and try to catch up once it arrives. Or even better, the Kindle version is $9 and you can read it instantly.

Whatever you do, I hope you take some time this season to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice as we look forward to Easter.

2 thoughts on “Ashes to Ashes

  1. I will be praying that today is a great experience for the girls and not something that causes grief.  Although, as a parent sometimes our children need to feel a little persecution for Christ, as so many do not even have the freedom to put ashes on their face for fear of death, not just criticism.  I think it’s great to start deep, meaningful traditions, and I do hope it’s not too hard on the girls.   


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