I’m considering shutting down SWYW.

That doesn’t mean I won’t continue to write. I will.

It’s just I think I’ve gotten off course with my initial commission to write. It was two and half years ago that I sensed God telling me to write. Since then I’ve written a lot, some good, some not so good. Writing for me was supposed to be an artistic outlet, as well as a manner of pastoral communication — sharing the truths of Scripture using my own voice, as a preacher without a pulpit.

Over time, my vision for writing became polluted with grander aspirations. See, I would read other people’s blogs and covet their hundreds and even thousands of subscribers, only to be discouraged by my numbers that failed to get out of the teens. Still, I thought at some point my writing could result in some extra cash for the Owens family. Perhaps so we could pay off our van and stash away some for vacation. Considering I hadn’t played many paying gigs since we moved from Toledo, this seemed to be a good idea.

Living in Obscurity

A couple weeks back in a sermon I preached at my church, I shared something rather personal concerning a lesson God continues to teach me, a lesson on humility and not desiring the spotlight. I said something of how God intimated that I would live my days in obscurity with little influence outside those I serve. This has been a hard lesson for a man who once wanted to be the next American Idol before that show ever aired.

In a way SWYW has been my attempt to break from obscurity, to be known. So I would read the how-to-make-your-blog-as-successful-as-mine blogs and even tried some of the tried-and-true methods. To no avail. I eventually came to realize that I should just write what’s on my heart, and if someone wants to read it, then that would be an added blessing.

I will keep SWYW going, at least for a while, but I’m only going to post one or two times a week, occasionally three. Writing less here will enable me to focus on another project I’ve already been devoting some time to, a story that has been on my heart for some time. Well, it may have been buried deep, and only recently has it risen to the surface. I’ve been doing research and conducting informal interviews, and I can’t wait to get to the actual writing.

Less Media, More Social

I’m thinking of pulling back from social media as a whole — at least a little, though I suppose that would negate the whole aspect. I have a Google+ account I haven’t really used. I post on Twitter to the few followers I have, and I’ve grown increasingly disinterested in those I’m following. Tumblr was a flop. I’ll keep posting and checking in with my friends on Facebook, because I like staying engaged with family, friends, and those at my church. And I’ve gotta keep an eye on those kids in my youth band.

I won’t be reading any blogs. I haven’t been for a while; I’ve been reading books instead. You know, those collections of prose that are well thought out and proofread and edited.

I also won’t be too hurt if you don’t read SWYW regularly. Well, I probably will, but I’ll get over it, I’m sure.

I’ll post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and everywhere else to let you know when my book gets published, the one that’ll reach the bestsellers lists and garner a prize or two and bring me lots of money and fame. Perhaps I could publish it under a pseudonym, so I could continue living in obscurity, like God said I would, while my pen name goes down in the annals of the great American writers.

I think I may have missed the point.

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