A few months ago, a lady at my church asked if I’d be willing to speak at an annual dinner/fundraiser for Birthright, which is a ministry that anonymously serves pregnant women — and those who think they might be. She wasn’t sure why she felt led by God to ask me, but she chose to be obedient to the prompting regardless. I wasn’t sure either.

After we met and talked for an hour or so about a lot of different things, we parted, neither one of us any more confident regarding what I would share. Several days later she sent me an email, suggesting that I speak about something we discussed. I prayed about it and thought long about it before finally agreeing.

I realized what I’d shared with her in my office and what I would share at the dinner was right in line with one of the reasons I began mattesperanza.com, a new blog with a different focus. I plan to take my notes and, in further posts here, expound on the various subjects I touched briefly on at the dinner.

In the meantime, if you’d like to hear my talk, which was emotionally draining, especially considering my family was seated at the table in front of me, and where I sing a few songs, including the one I remember the worship team playing when I gave my heart to God as a nine-year-old, click the link below. Keep some tissues handy, since I explore growing up essentially fatherless and how being a father myself is redemptive.

Click here for the talk. (You’ll then want to click DOWNLOAD and ignore the scan warning. I didn’t attach any viruses.)