My creative energy has been sapped lately, which is why I haven’t posted here on Mondays in a couple weeks. I spent a few weeks reflecting and crafting my sermon I preached at my church on November 25. I don’t think I could ever preach every week like some pastors do. I always need time to write out the entire sermon then edit like crazy — for time and content.

Also sapping me creatively are two events this month. Of course, Christmas comes every year — just as I have to plan for worship every week without fail. We have a Christmas Eve service, and we’re also producing a play called Casting Call. While I’ve directed music for productions in the past, I’ve never produced a large-scale drama. Thankfully, I do have a director, but I’m handling all the other behind-the-scenes stuff, including the music.

I’ve also been working on some other music stuff for Christmas. Some small gigs I may play.

So what creativity I have left I’ve devoted to the book I’m writing, which I keep going back and forth on. I continue to get sidetracked by various scenes. I’ll try to get back to posting here pretty regularly.

In case you’re interested, here’s the link to my sermon, “Feeding on God’s Word.” I talked about Thanksgiving and feasting and I recommended some practical resources. Somehow poopy diapers came up.