It’s been about nine months since I’ve posted here. I’ve been getting the itch to write again, though I’m not entirely sure why. I’m still working on my book project, except I haven’t written since January, before my trip to Sierra Leone. It’s not as though I have any more time than usual. Plus, it’s getting back to bicycling season, and it’s hard to post to a blog when most of my free time is spent on two wheels.

Much has taken place in the last several months. I feel like the person who really wants to keep a regular journal but who is constantly have to play catch up. There is much I’d like to share, including my family’s recent trip back home to Arizona, where I tried to get in touch with my father. Also, my sister’s wedding that I officiated — my first such one. I’ve played some 100 weddings but never officiated.

So, I’m thinking of posting less-edited entries. More stream of consciousness, I suppose. Just need to get the writing out — say, about once a week. At some point, I’ll need to clean up the broken links on this site. Maybe when I get the book done. Until then, come along.