A couple years ago I began a new blog using the pen name Matt Esperanza, which is actually my birth name. (My surname was changed to Owens when I was a child.) The idea at the time was that when I finished the book I was working on, I would attempt to publish it under the name Matt Esperanza. For several reasons including its meaning. The Hebrew Matthew means “gift of the Lord” and the Spanish Esperanza means “hope.” So: gift of hope. I want my writing to be a gift of hope. Also, it just sounds cooler — Matt Esperanza.

Well, I did finish the book and I am beginning the process of getting it published, but in the meantime no one knows who Matt Esperanza is. Not sure they ever will. But I’m hanging on to mattesperanza.com in the event I ever do get published, but for now I’m going to write here at bookofmatthew.net. I’m aiming to post about once a week. Additionally, I’ll be adding a bunch of posts from my archives. It’ll take some time to dig through them and see what’s worthy of re-posting. I hope you’ll check back often for inspiration or perhaps a laugh. Or maybe just to see what’s going on with the Owens Family.

3 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Blog

  1. Easter is also one of my favorite days of celebration. Right behind Christmas.
    Btw, don’t wolf down that Cadbury egg. Savor every little bite of chocolate deliciousness!! God created that along with your coffee. Lol.


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