Eventually, I’m going to get to Part 2 of the post about how spin class is like a worship service. But we’ve been a tad busy around the Owens household, and it looks to continue.

I posted a couple months ago about our house hunt. Well, we settled on a house closer to the town where our church is. This is great for a few reasons, including being closer to so many friends of ours at church. We’ll save a little on gas money, and my regular commute will be much shorter. I guess I’ll have to start watching what I eat during bicycling season, as I’m shaving 7 miles off my usual 12 mile one-way trip.

The house itself is a huge blessing, one we wouldn’t have expected. We’ll have plenty of space to host small group and summer get-togethers, for which I need to convince Cindy that we need a new BBQ grill. Also, we’ll have room for our family members when they come to visit, as opposed to their either getting a hotel room or sleeping on an air mattress in the middle of our living room. There’s a plot for a garden, where Cindy plans to grow a lot of fresh vegetables. There’s a play set in the back for Micah, and the house is on a cul-de-sac so he can ride his bike without concern for traffic. (Now to practice without the training wheels.) The deck in the back faces the east, so I can sit out there and “awaken the dawn with my praise” during warmer months. And there’s a porch that faces the west, so we can hang our swing and watch the sun go down. I think our girls are most excited about the dishwasher.

There are so many things that are wonderful about it. But mostly, we look forward to finally making a house our home. Painting the way we want to and hanging pictures, planting flowers and seeds in the ground, instead of in pots. All the stuff that goes into settling in.

Thank you for your prayers during the discouraging times when we just weren’t finding a place that felt right. And thank you for continuing to pray that the closing process happens without a hitch. In the meantime, we’re on the hunt for cardboard boxes — whenever and wherever we see them.

(By the way, the house pictured is not one we’re buying. It’s stock photo.)

2 thoughts on “Sale Pending

  1. So happy for you family that they will be able to spread out and have all the things you’ve not had since you’ve lived in the Eaton area. Will continue to pray that all the closings will go smooth.


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