Blaming My Racket and Buying Fair Trade

When I was learning to play tennis as a young teenager, I used what most of us did back then, an aluminum racket. These were quite a bit heavier than the various ones you can get rather inexpensively today, like the graphite rackets I bought for our girls. I play with a much better material these days when I do get out to the courts, one I couldn't have been trusted with in my early days.

Posthumous Letters

Several years ago I was packing my bags for an international flight, a trip that would take me to Guatemala, and I felt I needed to write Cindy and the girls a letter. Three letters, one each to be read in case something fatal happened to me.

Dad's Go-To Remedy

Someday I might buy a motorcycle. Not now, but maybe when our kids are grown and don't need me as much. And when Cindy has endured me enough for one lifetime. Yes, I secretly admire motorcycles. I've never been one who willingly seeks adventure, but a part of me imagines the thrill of an open freeway at 70 mph. (I likely wouldn't go much faster.) I haven't been on a bike, though, since that fateful day when I was 5.

Letting the Curtains Close in Silence

Anger is an intriguing emotion, involving a perceived need to defend someone or something. How I react to what is being attacked determines whether I sin in my anger or not. What it is I am defending will also aid in my evaluation of what is and isn't sin. Therefore, when I become angry, I need to determine what it is I'm trying to defend. Is it worthy of defense? If so, how can I defend it properly?

Technical Foul

I was talking with some friends recently about gossip, how it destroys unity in the church—brothers and sisters in the family of God. But here’s the thing: whatever grievance you have against someone that led to your gossiping about them loses merit the instant you sin against them with your slander. It may not seem fair; it may not seem right. But when you involve others in a dispute you have with someone, then you’ve upped the ante.