Hola, Adiós

I’ve heard it said that life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. The last year of the first decade of the new millennium provided us an incredible hello, when our newborn son greeted us with the first of many wails. But last year also brought a heartrending goodbye. Micah took his first breaths on…

Just Picking Up a Prescription

Just two more installments of “A Look Back.” I’ve already lost interest, which is probably why I didn’t post last week or the week before. Perhaps you have, as well, and are considering skipping Part 6. But I promise you this will be a good one, if not for the wild story I’ll share. First,…

Small Town

Last year I became a statistic. I’m sure I was already one of some sort. You probably heard of the tens of thousands who lost their jobs due to the recession, or at least under the guise of the recession. Whatever the case, I found myself with a few months, the length of my severance,…

A Quiver Full

There is nothing more exhilarating than awaiting the first glimpse of your child. All those nights of dreaming of his face, the countless hours spent considering his name, the innumerable prayers for healthy development—it would all come down to this moment. Because Lindsay and Jacque were both born early, this was an altogether different experience, at least for me.

Big Brother

Three years ago, I went to Colorado Springs with our church leadership team for a Wild at Heart retreat, where God little by little fractured my stony heart. First, He put His finger on my father wound, which every man has to some degree. Mine ran rather deep. Second, He affirmed my sensitivity as a dad to my girls. Third, He convinced me I could be a father to a boy. And fourth, He told me I would raise a boy to manhood, one who otherwise would not have had a father. One more day and who knows what else I could have discovered in the mountains.

Expanding in the Midst of Recession

Perhaps the most worrisome part of this past year was waiting for Micah’s arrival. Both Lindsay (nearly three months) and Jacque (about two months) came early, so the odds were high of an early delivery. Cindy’s OB-GYN was well-aware of that likelihood, so he kept a close eye on her progress. Dr. Folley was a great blessing for us in a time when we needed more comfort than ever. A believer in Christ, he regularly prayed with us in his office and assured us that God was caring for our little one.