What I learned on a zip line in the Rockies

During the weekend we had opportunities for moderately safe adventures, including hiking and repelling. Some men went fly flishing too, though I’m not sure there’s much danger in that. There would have been if I’d gone along.

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My Brother, the Con Artist

A couple weeks ago Micah and I got some crayons and a coloring book out. He liked scribbling/coloring for a little while but found more joy in rolling the oversized crayons across the table — sort of like table hockey. It was while we were coloring that I recalled something from childhood.

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Richard Russo

I recently stumbled upon an author whose writing elicits such giddiness. The first book I read of Richard Russo’s I didn’t actually read but listened to. Those months I commuted from Toledo to the small town where we now live I needed something to make the 3-hour drive go by quickly. I perused lists of award-winning books available for purchase/download, and Russo’s 2002 Pulitzer Prize winner Empire Falls sounded interesting enough.


Alabaster Tears (Part 9): Rest Notes

Artists can be so hard on themselves. I believe this accompanies artistic talent, pushing us to reach for higher heights in art. And as Christian artists, we should want, like court musicians, to play our best for our great King and Master Artist. If not for perfectionism would any of the great artists (musicians, painters, writers, poets, dancers, actors, photographers, sculptors, etc.) have produced the masterpieces we treasure today? If not for perfectionism, wouldn’t art be mediocre? Wouldn’t all singing be a karaoke performance?


Alabaster Tears (Part 4): Oil and Wine

You’re probably familiar with the parable of the Good Samaritan. Separately, three people came upon a man who’d been mugged. One was a priest, another a Levite, and the last a Samaritan, who would have been hated by the Jews. Typically, we walk away from the story thinking we should be more compassionate toward others, especially those we normally wouldn’t like. But, as there usually is, there’s more to the story.


Waking Up in … San Diego

Her pop debut was a bit controversial. Katy Perry is the one who sang, “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” She has another song where she deplores her highly metro boyfriend because he’s “so gay” and “don’t even like boys.” While her lyrics are at times uncouth, if not clever, and her celebrity persona is interesting, to say the least, and her costumes provocative (a cupcake bra?), one thing is undeniable: she’s got some chops. That’s music-speak for pipes, which is something-speak for she sings good. … Twelve years ago today we awoke in a hotel room in San Diego, our honeymoon destination.