Less Like … More Like …

Some nine years ago I sat on a weight bench at the Wolf Creek YMCA in Toledo listening to some new music by Sara Groves. (Has it really been nine years that I've been working out? I really should be in much better shape.) The opening song to her All Right Here is "Less Like Scars,"…

A Cruel Harvest

Having grown up in a Pentecostal church that shunned formal liturgy, then spending my early adult years at a church where the pastor, a former Baptist, shied away from anything traditional, I didn't recite the Lord's Prayer much. Even now, I couldn't say it from memory. The first few times I heard it I remember…

Tough Guys and Drama Queens

In nearly every aspect of life, I tend to be well-prepared and deliberate. A thinker, I am typically slow to react, though not quite at the snail’s pace I’ve found some church committees move. In music, I’m well-rehearsed. In writing posts here, I edit multiple times before clicking “publish.” Even my clothing selections for Sunday…

Real Church in a Social Network World

A couple months ago I received an email from someone at my church — someone, shall we say, not young — who just happened to check out our Facebook page. He was disappointed that he, for some reason, never receives status updates from our church on his Facebook news feed, despite that we post several…

Girls Uncovered

I recently read a book I recommend for every parent of a teenage girl, or if your girls will soon become teenagers. A heads up: they all do eventually. The book is called Girls Uncovered. Now hear me out. It's subtitled: New Research on What America's Sexual Culture Does to Young Women.

Chasing the Wild Goose

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a book review, though not because I haven’t been reading. I read quite a few books over the summer, ones that kept interrupting my reading of Mark Batterson’s Wild Goose Chase, which was pretty good, except it didn’t say much that I hadn’t read in Erwin McManus’s Unleashed or…

Walking in the Dust of the Rabbi Jesus

A little over a decade or so ago I read a book that transformed my view of the Bible. The book was Philip Yancey's "The Bible Jesus Read." ... I read another book recently that may change as dramatically the way I read the New Testament, or at least the Gospels. Lois Tverberg's "Walking in the Dust of the Rabbi Jesus" helped to transport me to the time and culture of Jesus on earth.

Tweeting is for the birds

I'm considering shutting down SWYW. That doesn't mean I won't continue to write. I will. It's just I think I've gotten off course with my initial commission to write. It was two and half years ago that I sensed God telling me to write. Since then I've written a lot, some good, some not so good. Writing for me was supposed to be an artistic outlet, as well as a manner of pastoral communication -- sharing the truths of Scripture using my own voice, as a preacher without a pulpit.

A Friend to the Lonely

One of the hardest things I've had to accept about God is that he desires to be my friend. Father to me as one who was, in a way, fatherless -- certainly. A comfort in times of distress -- without question. A solid rock in an age of uncertainy -- most assuredly. But one who wants to be my friend?

Feeling No More Prepared

I selected the book Preparation for Eternity with God by Rick Streight because the topic has been of interest to me for over a year now -- the subjects of heaven and hell and Christ's return and our resurrection. I also wanted to read it because we'll be beginning a sermon series next month at my church called "If I Die Before I Wake," and the final message will be on the resurrection.