Will we have to answer for 1,100 people?

You may be aware of the factory building collapse in Bangladesh that occured a couple weeks ago. Initially, when I shared the article on Facebook, 300 people were said to have died. Since then, the death toll has escalated above 1,100 people. A terrible tragedy that few in the U.S. were aware of, particularly because…

Blaming My Racket and Buying Fair Trade

When I was learning to play tennis as a young teenager, I used what most of us did back then, an aluminum racket. These were quite a bit heavier than the various ones you can get rather inexpensively today, like the graphite rackets I bought for our girls. I play with a much better material these days when I do get out to the courts, one I couldn't have been trusted with in my early days.

Yes to the Dress #3 – A Gown of Linen?

It’s fascinating how much girls think about their wedding, and in particular their dress. I’ve titled this series after a show on TLC called Say Yes to the Dress. I haven’t seen an entire episode because … well, since I’m a man, though admittedly with slightly less machismo. Scripture tells us, and to all the little girls who’ve anticipated their wedding dress, what the Bride of Christ will be wearing on her wedding day.

Yes to the Dress #1 – November Rain

It’s a strange time of year to be thinking about weddings. There aren’t many weddings in November, although there are undoubtedly many people planning to tie the knot in a couple days: 11/11/11. I remember a wedding in the video for Guns n’ Roses’ “November Rain,” one of the few songs I’ve ever danced to, back in the summer of 1992. Definitely a good one if you find the right girl since it’s so long, though the upbeat coda presents a challenge.

Dressed by the Buckle

A few days ago I stopped at a mall in search of Brookstone. I always liked the tech gadgets you could find there, but it had apparently closed down since the last time I'd visited. So instead I looked in a few of the stores for some jeans. ... You can easily drop $100 at places like Abercrombie & Fitch, Express, and the Gap. I couldn't. At least not so easily. But I learned at the Buckle, though, that they would alter any jeans I'd purchased from them. Thus, I will have reached my quest for a 31-inch inseam.

Capital Citizens in The Hunger Games

The stylist, whatever his name is, depicted for me some of the Capital characters in The Hunger Games. In my previous post, I wrote about how I’d gotten sucked into the young adult fiction trilogy. I read an interview with the author, who was asked if she could envision a post-apocalytpic America, where the capital city harshly rules over district cities, as in the book. To answer the question offered her, I believe this already exists, though differently ...