Enquiring Minds Want to Know

A few months ago Daron Sutton, the play-by-play announcer for the Arizona D-backs and son of Hall of Famer Don Sutton, suddenly stopped calling games. No explanation was given on the broadcast, as on TV news when the regular anchor is away and someone is filling in. No “Daron is on assignment and will be…

Walking in the Dust of the Rabbi Jesus

A little over a decade or so ago I read a book that transformed my view of the Bible. The book was Philip Yancey's "The Bible Jesus Read." ... I read another book recently that may change as dramatically the way I read the New Testament, or at least the Gospels. Lois Tverberg's "Walking in the Dust of the Rabbi Jesus" helped to transport me to the time and culture of Jesus on earth.

Worship Influences #7 – Passion

With this week's artist -- or rather, group of artists -- the worship sound starts to get much younger. Seasoned veterans of worship are displaced by up and comers like Chris Tomlin and David Crowder, among others who at one time or another participated in the Passion Worship Band.

The Onion: Take the Good, Leave the Bad

When you’re used to reading fake news, sometimes you forget what’s real. I discovered The Onion, America’s Finest News Source, awhile back. Because the iPad app looks similar to other news apps, it’s easy to confuse real news with made-up news. The Onion is sort of like “Weekend Update” on SNL, which I haven’t seen in a long time.

Music for Cinco de Mayo

In observation of Cinco de Mayo, some music from a Mexican musician you may have heard of, Carlos Santana, playing along with his buddy from across the pond. Seems the Brit, while he can certainly kill it on guitar, just doesn't have the feel for maracas. You have to have it in your blood. Like the Owens family. Don't be misled by the Welsh name. Mine used to be Esperanza.

Irreconcilable Differences (Part 1) – Married Too Long

My earliest memory of divorce involved some friends of my parents. I don’t remember many of their friends, and I didn’t know these well. But this man was notable because he had only one leg and still managed to drive a big Suburban out to Senator’s Wash, a manmade lake my parents often took us to cool off in the desert heat. I remember his wife even less, because one day she left ...

Turning Back Time

I’m not sure how much ten steps was. Ten hours? Maybe ten minutes? Whatever the case, God did what only Superman seemed capable of. He stopped the globe spinning, turned it back several degrees, and set it in motion again. This is the stuff of science fiction. This is what Doc Brown tinkered with that nearly got him killed by terrorists. This is what Cher pined for.

An Unwritten Rule at a Laundromat

I love the smell of laundry. It might be the fabric softener. I even like bleach, though Cindy tells me it’s really not good to use. I do anyway, mostly for the smell. Sometimes when I come home from the office I can smell that someone’s doing laundry, since I pass by the dryer duct. It makes me happy, and I’m suddenly like Mr. Rogers walking in the door. I reach for my house shoes and cardigan till I remember I don’t own a cardigan.

Quitting Facebook

What did we ever do before Facebook? Some of you are wondering. And some of you are thinking of quitting. But if like me, you’re not, then you’re going to need some kind of response to those who say they’re quitting and in a round-about way suggest you should do the same. Here are some ways you could respond.

Safe Place

Many of you probably know about the latest Facebook viral campaign. Last week Facebook friends the world over were changing their profile pictures to that of cartoons, supposedly whatever their favorite was as a kid. I couldn’t think of a favorite, which is probably why I didn’t do it. Vanity Smurf maybe, because at least the picture would still bear my resemblance—the vanity part, I’m not blue.