Tour de H2O

It was a few months before Christmas two years ago when I sat in a staff meeting at my church as we discussed seasonal impact opportunities. We usually have a couple projects we encourage our members to contribute financially to, as people in general, not just Christians, typically increase their charitable giving around Christmas. One… Continue reading Tour de H2O

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My Time at the 2011 Tour de Donut

The donut race was hardly a competition. It was a 30-mile race with two stops, where you could catch your breath and refuel on donuts. For each donut eaten, 5 minutes was deducted from the actual time. It was completely light-hearted and very fun. Of the wide variety of about 1,000 participants, none took it seriously. There were cyclists who looked like they could vie for the Tour de France. And there were others who seemed to be in it just for the donuts. There were groups of friends who cycle only casually and some who probably ride the regional circuit. There were many tandems, including parent-child ones that inspired me to want to ride with my kids. There were seniors well into their 60s, men and women who appeared to be defying the effects of age. Most of them passed me up.