7 ways driving an old car makes life adventurous

I might be getting a new car soon. Well, not a new one. (Dave Ramsey says never to buy a brand new one off the lot.) No, my old minivan is just about to give up the ghost. I feel it. She’s slowing down like an old horse. I’ve never mounted a horse and am slightly afraid of them, but I’m sure my Plymouth is the same. Actually, we call it the burro (Spanish for donkey) because it used to do this jerky, whiplash-inducing motion, like it wasn’t getting enough fuel, then it would get too much—almost like a hiccup, really.

Making Change #3 – Money

Probably within the next ten days or so, you’ll be getting your credit card statements in the mail. You may not have planned on making a resolution concerning money but you likely will, even if it’s simply, we shouldn’t let Christmas spending get away from us again. Maybe you’ll set a goal to get out of debt or start saving for college or for unplanned expenses. Like any goal, however, you’ll need a plan or you’ll never reach it. When Cindy and I were working our way out of debt in the first six years of our marriage, we didn’t have much of a plan, which is why it took so long. If only I knew then what I know now.