Moving Day

Last weekend we moved into our new house. Since there are boxes everywhere that need to be unpacked -- plus my bicycle is calling as spring has finally arrived -- I'll keep this short. First, we're grateful for the friends who helped, including Stephen W., John W., Brian D., and Jake A., as well as…

Remix: Moving Day

So it was nearly 9 pm when we finally set out for our new home. The U-Haul truck we rented was a 26-foot behemoth, behind which I towed my minivan. Because our street wasn’t a through-street, I decided to park it behind Applebee’s, about 50–75 yards from our house. We departed from there, Cindy in the Sienna with the kids and whatever else we could fit safely. ... I became rather proud of myself after navigating the sharp U of the driveway until I realized I wouldn’t be able to clear the small canopy.

Just Picking Up a Prescription

Just two more installments of “A Look Back.” I’ve already lost interest, which is probably why I didn’t post last week or the week before. Perhaps you have, as well, and are considering skipping Part 6. But I promise you this will be a good one, if not for the wild story I’ll share. First,…

Small Town

Last year I became a statistic. I’m sure I was already one of some sort. You probably heard of the tens of thousands who lost their jobs due to the recession, or at least under the guise of the recession. Whatever the case, I found myself with a few months, the length of my severance,…

Big Brother

Three years ago, I went to Colorado Springs with our church leadership team for a Wild at Heart retreat, where God little by little fractured my stony heart. First, He put His finger on my father wound, which every man has to some degree. Mine ran rather deep. Second, He affirmed my sensitivity as a dad to my girls. Third, He convinced me I could be a father to a boy. And fourth, He told me I would raise a boy to manhood, one who otherwise would not have had a father. One more day and who knows what else I could have discovered in the mountains.