How Spin Class Is Like a Worship Service Part 1

It was some 15 years ago in Toledo when I first heard about spin classes. A fellow staff member at the church where I served taught spin classes at the YMCA and always tried to get me to come. She was in her mid forties, I think, and incredibly fit. In fact, because she always complained…

Drawing Invisible Squigglies

Sometimes I'd rather not know how to do something properly. I've started a new workout ... uh ... I was going to say routine, but that sounds like I'm trying some new dance steps. A new workout plan, I guess. It involves doing a lot of work with dumbbells and barbells and the various benches in the free weight section of the gym. I've always been a bit intimidated to workout in that room with the guys who've made fitness a hobby. Me, I'm just trying to lose a little weight.

Sad Songs #4 – Like Riding a Bicycle

Since music is my day gig and not a hobby I can set down and take up when I have time, I haven’t ever stopped playing music long enough to know whether you can forget your skill. Do learned physical movements cease to be learned? Can you forget how to play a chord or a scale you’d memorized? Do notes on the page become like a foreign language?