The Friendship and the Fear

A repeated theme in Proverbs is the personification of wisdom, how she calls out inviting the simple into understanding. We live in the information age, yet for many, wisdom is elusive. With the Internet, there are boundless opportunities for learning, but there is also the proliferation of inaccuracy. Wisdom still calls.

Confessions #2, #3 and #4

I've been in the confessing mood lately, I suppose, for I have a few posts I plan to roll out in my Confessions category. There's something we Protestants are missing out on, because there aren't confessionals in or near our sanctuaries -- we have basketball hoops in mine. Now, I'm not advocating confessing sins to…

Dad's Go-To Remedy

Someday I might buy a motorcycle. Not now, but maybe when our kids are grown and don't need me as much. And when Cindy has endured me enough for one lifetime. Yes, I secretly admire motorcycles. I've never been one who willingly seeks adventure, but a part of me imagines the thrill of an open freeway at 70 mph. (I likely wouldn't go much faster.) I haven't been on a bike, though, since that fateful day when I was 5.

A Doll House and O.C.D.

For the past several weeks I’ve taken to beginning my day on our porch. I watch the sun rise, listen as the birds’ songs slowly exceed the night insects’ chirping, and watch people drive off to work. Mornings are always very humid, so sometimes I pretend I’m lounging on the beach of a tropical island. But my paradise is invariably ruined. ... Like Christopher Reeve’s in Somewhere in Time, my morning porch trance is broken not by a 1970s coin but a lawnmower and subsequent leaf blower. I’ve tweeted about the woman several houses down who awakens at dawn to tackle her lawn work. But this isn’t once or twice a week. No, this woman mows her lawn every day.

Even the Wind and Waves

I sit here at 7:30 in the morning, not having walked the girls to school, since it’s their third cancelation in as many days, due to an ice/snow storm, which shut down power for a lot of people, though for us only a couple hours while we slept. I took the girls on a “hike” yesterday to the small grocery store in town to pick up a few things. I thought they’d enjoy getting out of the house.

God Is Bigger

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a post from my friend Laurie: wife, mother, freelance writer, and an altogether wonderful person. ... Is it just me, or does it seem like we have lost our fear of monsters? I was in Target not long ago and spotted a book entitled, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.