Adele: 21 and Live at The Royal Albert Hall

I searched through my old posts and couldn't believe I hadn't written about Adele. I was expecting to rest on an earlier prognostication regarding her success with 21, her fantastic sophomore release. But alas, I didn't write anything here. Perhaps it was on Facebook. "21" was the best-selling album in 2011. Whatever that means.

The Hunger Games

The story is of Katniss Everdeen living in a undisclosed time in the future in the country of Panem, which is comprised of district cities ruled over by the Capital. The districts each provide for the entire country, as District 12 (Katniss’s) is the coal mining city. In an effort to suppress district uprisings, like what happened in a previous, long ago generation, the Capital mandates annual “Hunger Games.” A lottery system is used to select a teenage boy and girl from each district, who are then referred to as “tributes,” to fight to the death in a Capital-designed arena.

My Gift Is My Song

A couple weeks ago, my brother asked if I’d write something for the memorial service for his daughter’s baby, who died in her mother’s womb a few days after her due date. He’d asked for a Scripture verse or something for the service program. I didn’t know where to begin, and I knew it would be terribly difficult to write. ... Here is what I wrote.

Brunch with Heathens

Except for vacation or church-related trips or the occasional weather cancelation, I haven’t missed a Sunday morning as long as I’ve served on staff at a church. I’m not saying skipping worship services from time to time is a bad thing. I wouldn’t mind sleeping in myself. Maybe hang out with the “sweaty heathens” (as John Acuff calls them) at Sunday brunch. Why does French toast taste sweeter when you’re skipping church? ...