A Cruel Harvest

Having grown up in a Pentecostal church that shunned formal liturgy, then spending my early adult years at a church where the pastor, a former Baptist, shied away from anything traditional, I didn't recite the Lord's Prayer much. Even now, I couldn't say it from memory. The first few times I heard it I remember…

Further Admission and Testimony

I don't know whether this is true or not, because I have no knowledge of the legal profession, but I've seen this on law shows and movies. When one agrees to a guilty plea, typically resulting in a lesser punishment, they must admit their guilt in open court.

Beating Peter in a Footrace

I have a hard time watching baseball teams like the Yankees and Red Sox, not just because they are evil AL East empires with vast (and unfair) payrolls, but because I never know who the players are, since they don't imprint players' names on the backs of their jerseys. In reading John's gospel you'll discover that he never mentions himself by name.

Yes to the Dress #4 – The Sound of Someone Trying

I wrote back in the spring about the seven churches I’ve been a part of. What I didn’t write then is that to varying degrees I was wounded at those churches. (I’m sure I did some wounding myself, but I tend not to remember that.) Looking back I realize now that I left each church with just a little more resentment towards my fellow saints. This continued to build until I could no longer ignore it.

Coerced Confession

The basic tenet of any fire and brimstone sermon is that you should confess your sins and turn to Jesus, who will save you from otherwise eternal damnation. Indeed, confession is a natural response of those who have truly encountered the unrelenting love of a holy God. But not the type of confession hardened cops will extract from an innocent man. So what is confession? Two things it is isn’t. ...


I’ve been putting off writing my review of Dan Allender’s Sabbath primarily because I’m still trying to piece together in my mind all that I’ve read. What is that struck me the most? Did Allender answer my questions about the often unheeded fourth commandment? Did he challenge my previous ideas about a simple day off?

More Real Life in Punxutawney

Phil Connors essentially received a mulligan for every encounter. Could you imagine having the ability to undo a mistake? Cruel words could really be un-said. Receiving someone’s forgiveness means they’ve really forgotten about it—because it never actually happened. Or you could take risks, knowing you always had another shot. Like when I was a kid in junior high and never said the funny thing out loud that some other kid ended up saying, even if I’d thought of it first and would have delivered it better.