A Friend to the Lonely

One of the hardest things I’ve had to accept about God is that he desires to be my friend. Father to me as one who was, in a way, fatherless — certainly. A comfort in times of distress — without question. A solid rock in an age of uncertainy — most assuredly. But one who wants to be my friend?


Remix: Moving Day

So it was nearly 9 pm when we finally set out for our new home. The U-Haul truck we rented was a 26-foot behemoth, behind which I towed my minivan. Because our street wasn’t a through-street, I decided to park it behind Applebee’s, about 50–75 yards from our house. We departed from there, Cindy in the Sienna with the kids and whatever else we could fit safely. … I became rather proud of myself after navigating the sharp U of the driveway until I realized I wouldn’t be able to clear the small canopy.

This & That

Does this smell bad to you?

We probably could have used more adequate ventilation up there, because it always smelled like Doritos and farts, which one of us constantly tried to combat with his potent vanilla candles. It was a lot like a dorm room, really. Although, we could have used a mini-fridge. And maybe a couch. We had a lot of fun. But it was sometimes a difficult working environment, since we were constantly interrupting each other. … What would you want to update automatically?

Growing Up

Europeans Who Encouraged Underage Drinking

After I graduated high school, I worked for a summer at a small restaurant called Chateau Basque, which was like a little piece of Europe in a Wild West town known for its territorial prison that held such outlaws as stage coach and train robbers. Chateau Basque’s owners were just as historically interesting. They were an eccentric, 60-something couple—she from Great Britain and he from the Basque region nestled in southern France and northern Spain.

Guest Posts


While I am not inclined to bare my soul, I suspect that in the end, if I can save someone the regret I feel now, it is worth sharing this. … To be sure, I understand that would not necessarily mean spending every day with Uncle Dave, but it should look more like love…calling to say hi or to check on him, inviting him over for dinner, and maybe going to a ballgame with him.