Making Change #3 – Money

Probably within the next ten days or so, you’ll be getting your credit card statements in the mail. You may not have planned on making a resolution concerning money but you likely will, even if it’s simply, we shouldn’t let Christmas spending get away from us again. Maybe you’ll set a goal to get out of debt or start saving for college or for unplanned expenses. Like any goal, however, you’ll need a plan or you’ll never reach it. When Cindy and I were working our way out of debt in the first six years of our marriage, we didn’t have much of a plan, which is why it took so long. If only I knew then what I know now.

Making Change #2 – The Bible

I’m starting this MAKING CHANGE series with something I feel has been the most integral in my life as a believer in Jesus. It’s more important than what I could say about money or setting fitness goals. I have embraced reading and studying the Bible, and it has helped me to know God and myself better. (Giveaway at the end of the post.)

Making Change #1 – Intro

Happy New Year! I hope you like the new look. Speaking of new looks, many of you, whether sincerely or just as a formality, will make some sort of resolution as we begin 2011 together. I’d like to help a little with these resolutions. I did some minor research and will post on some of the more common resolutions we make.