Tour de H2O

It was a few months before Christmas two years ago when I sat in a staff meeting at my church as we discussed seasonal impact opportunities. We usually have a couple projects we encourage our members to contribute financially to, as people in general, not just Christians, typically increase their charitable giving around Christmas. One…

Ignoring Insults and Pretending to Be Rich

When I was a kid my older brothers unrelentingly teased me. Today I don't remember what they teased me about. I was a pretty normal kid. Maybe a little wimpy, but I couldn't say I made a natural target for teasing, except that I was the youngest. I would retaliate by tattling about anything and everything. When I would complain about my brothers' teasing, my mother's reply was always the same, "Just ignore them."

Nuttin' for Christmas

Last week we received in the mail a catalog that is to our girls like the Sears catalog was to me when I was a kid. Remember that big catalog and the pages and pages of toys? Like Ralphie with his Red Rider, I’d take a Sharpie and circle everything I wanted from Santa, which…

No One Seeing How Little or Infrequently I Give…Priceless

At my church we recently introduced online giving at our website. I know for some people this is a bit controversial, and for others, they’ve wondered why it has taken so long. Some view credit cards as the epitome of evil, not unlike the fruit Satan told Eve to go ahead and take a bite of, while others use them and pay them off every month. For that matter, some people think drinking is a sin, and others would say it’s almost sinful not too appreciate a fine wine. I’m not responsible for selling the whole giving online thing at my church, but I’d like to share with you some of the "benefits" of giving online.

Realizing I’m Not the Main Character

I don’t see it much in movies anymore, but whenever there was a chase scene that usually began on foot, eventually one of the cops would stop a motorist and demand to use their car. Some sort of law, perhaps eminent domain, permitted them to simply take their vehicle for police use. Of course, there was never any time for forms and signatures and “just compensation,” and since the drivers would be listed toward the bottom of the credits (if at all), we’d never know what happened to them. That I even think about the drivers exposes a slight neurosis.