Enquiring Minds Want to Know

A few months ago Daron Sutton, the play-by-play announcer for the Arizona D-backs and son of Hall of Famer Don Sutton, suddenly stopped calling games. No explanation was given on the broadcast, as on TV news when the regular anchor is away and someone is filling in. No “Daron is on assignment and will be…

Just Sayin'

Sometimes I talk too much. I “say what I will” too often perhaps. Some have pegged me as quiet and even introspective. Maybe I am a little. I can sit in a meeting and listen to discussion, mulling things over before giving my opinion or offering a different idea. Other times I lead the discussion and should probably shut up and stop stifling creativity. We all could probably stand to say a little less.

Alabaster Tears (Part 11): Something to Talk About

Worship isn’t something we add into our calendar as a set appointment or something we put on our checklist. Worship is our calendar. Worship is our to-do list. (It’s also our checkbook … or, debit cards. Who writes checks?) Everywhere we are and in everything we do we can worship God, or we can ignore him. If you need a particular style of music or crosses in view or altars or stained glass, then you’ve missed it.

Technical Foul

I was talking with some friends recently about gossip, how it destroys unity in the church—brothers and sisters in the family of God. But here’s the thing: whatever grievance you have against someone that led to your gossiping about them loses merit the instant you sin against them with your slander. It may not seem fair; it may not seem right. But when you involve others in a dispute you have with someone, then you’ve upped the ante.

Letting Go (Part 1)

I give JK credit for her decision, however, if simply because she made her choice. See, not many of us are put in the obvious position where we have to make a conscious decision to either follow God or ourselves. JK had to do that because of her place in the spotlight. People in the Bible like Abraham and Daniel and Peter had to choose either God or themselves. But unlike them, we live in a comfortable society that may not like our gospel message but won’t kill us over it.