Walking in the Dust of the Rabbi Jesus

A little over a decade or so ago I read a book that transformed my view of the Bible. The book was Philip Yancey's "The Bible Jesus Read." ... I read another book recently that may change as dramatically the way I read the New Testament, or at least the Gospels. Lois Tverberg's "Walking in the Dust of the Rabbi Jesus" helped to transport me to the time and culture of Jesus on earth.

30 Pieces of Silver

During all of Jesus' homilies on money and greed and God's provision, two of his disciples received his words radically differently. One was a former tax collector, Matthew, who had enlisted with the Roman occupiers essentially to extort money from his fellow Jews. But he left his lucrative career to follow a homeless teacher. The other disciple was Judas Iscariot, whose occupation we know nothing about.