Further Admission and Testimony

I don’t know whether this is true or not, because I have no knowledge of the legal profession, but I’ve seen this on law shows and movies. When one agrees to a guilty plea, typically resulting in a lesser punishment, they must admit their guilt in open court.


Beating Peter in a Footrace

I have a hard time watching baseball teams like the Yankees and Red Sox, not just because they are evil AL East empires with vast (and unfair) payrolls, but because I never know who the players are, since they don’t imprint players’ names on the backs of their jerseys. In reading John’s gospel you’ll discover that he never mentions himself by name.


How not to feel guilty for being rich

… What I’ve realized looking back on that time (a wonderful time, actually, when Cindy carried then delivered Micah) is that we never came close to losing our house, and our pantry, though it dwindled, kept us fed, and water was as accessible as the kitchen faucet. For that matter, we could drink from the pool in our backyard, if we had to. …


The Accused

Last month we appeared in juvenile court for the custody hearing regarding Gabriel. I’d never addressed a judge before, so I forgot the respectful “Your Honor” in my replies. Even a “sir” would have sufficed. My neglect might have been due to his not wearing a black robe. Or it could have been the lack of a bailiff who would have said, “All rise …” or a stenographer who’d have typed it all into a netbook. There was no polished wood. The judge didn’t even have a gavel, as far as I could tell.