The Friendship and the Fear

A repeated theme in Proverbs is the personification of wisdom, how she calls out inviting the simple into understanding. We live in the information age, yet for many, wisdom is elusive. With the Internet, there are boundless opportunities for learning, but there is also the proliferation of inaccuracy. Wisdom still calls.

Tweeting is for the birds

I'm considering shutting down SWYW. That doesn't mean I won't continue to write. I will. It's just I think I've gotten off course with my initial commission to write. It was two and half years ago that I sensed God telling me to write. Since then I've written a lot, some good, some not so good. Writing for me was supposed to be an artistic outlet, as well as a manner of pastoral communication -- sharing the truths of Scripture using my own voice, as a preacher without a pulpit.

Life in the Pit

I have never played in a pit orchestra. I almost did once. My sophomore year in high school I was set to play keyboard for the spring musical. I hopped in my car, a crummy ’84 Ford Escort we called a deathtrap, and drove off to my first orchestra rehearsal, forgetting the keys score I’d set on the roof. For some reason, I never did find the book, a large folio, the size of an artist’s sketch pad.

Small Fish in a Small Pond

I haven't been to nearly as many concerts as I'd like. I would go at least once a month if I could. I have been to a variety of shows at just as many different venues from large to small. Among the smallest might be when Cindy and I saw Shawn McDonald and Audrey Assad earlier this year. The largest would be when I saw Dave Matthews Band at Comerica Park in Detroit, which might have been one of the worst shows I've never seen. We had upper deck tickets a mile from the stage. Awful sound, and we were so far from the epicenter of the audience that I could hardly smell the marijuana.

I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough …

I was entranced with Eric Loy’s playing. He is absolutely fantastic, doing things on the guitar I wouldn’t have known were possible had I not seen August Rush. Disrupting my spell was the reminder that I had to play after him. I began talking myself up: “I don’t have to be the best guitarist. I don’t have to play all the notes correctly. I just have to be the best Matt I can be. Because I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggoneit, people like me.

Even the Wind and Waves

I sit here at 7:30 in the morning, not having walked the girls to school, since it’s their third cancelation in as many days, due to an ice/snow storm, which shut down power for a lot of people, though for us only a couple hours while we slept. I took the girls on a “hike” yesterday to the small grocery store in town to pick up a few things. I thought they’d enjoy getting out of the house.