Several months back I got in trouble with someone for what I posted on Twitter/Facebook on a Sunday morning, something like: No bling today, I forgot my watch and my Silly Bandz. Guess it’ll have to be all substance today.

Woodblocks and S'mores

I can’t build a fire for anything. We had a fireplace at our old house, and I could get a fire going but not the kind that could actually warm you up. It was more for mood than heat. Plus, I had to constantly tend to it. I couldn’t sit back and enjoy it. Or even run to the kitchen for anything. There I sat with poker and tongs in hand and stacks of newspaper at my side, aware that my efforts were futile, like the man with the dog in Jack London’s “To Build a Fire.”

Render to Caesar

If Jesus were to say it was unlawful to pay Roman taxes, He assuredly would have drawn the ire of the Romans, who really had nothing against Him. In allowing for taxes, Jesus would have angered the Jews who were looking for a financial savior.