Will we have to answer for 1,100 people?

You may be aware of the factory building collapse in Bangladesh that occured a couple weeks ago. Initially, when I shared the article on Facebook, 300 people were said to have died. Since then, the death toll has escalated above 1,100 people. A terrible tragedy that few in the U.S. were aware of, particularly because…

Sad Songs #7 – A Cold Dish Best Unserved

We instituted a policy with our girls, though we’re not always consistent with it, that whoever hits back will receive a harsher punishment than the original offender. She who retaliates will get a longer timeout. The words, “But she hit me first,” were all the confession we needed. (In this system I guess you’re better off striking first.) This is an attempt to help them see that our hearts, darkened as they are with sin, are bent towards revenge.

The Accused

Last month we appeared in juvenile court for the custody hearing regarding Gabriel. I’d never addressed a judge before, so I forgot the respectful “Your Honor” in my replies. Even a “sir” would have sufficed. My neglect might have been due to his not wearing a black robe. Or it could have been the lack of a bailiff who would have said, “All rise …” or a stenographer who’d have typed it all into a netbook. There was no polished wood. The judge didn’t even have a gavel, as far as I could tell.

Technical Foul

I was talking with some friends recently about gossip, how it destroys unity in the church—brothers and sisters in the family of God. But here’s the thing: whatever grievance you have against someone that led to your gossiping about them loses merit the instant you sin against them with your slander. It may not seem fair; it may not seem right. But when you involve others in a dispute you have with someone, then you’ve upped the ante.