Shepherding my family (while guarding them against Pelagianism)

I wrote last week about my renewed view of the role of a pastor and how I am prioritizing pastoring my own family. Pastors aren't the only ones who should pastor their families. All fathers are called to the role of shepherd, to the responsibility of shepherding our children, as well as our wives. A wonderful resource to help with this is Voddie Baucham Jr.'s "Family Shepherds."

Yes to the Dress #1 – November Rain

It’s a strange time of year to be thinking about weddings. There aren’t many weddings in November, although there are undoubtedly many people planning to tie the knot in a couple days: 11/11/11. I remember a wedding in the video for Guns n’ Roses’ “November Rain,” one of the few songs I’ve ever danced to, back in the summer of 1992. Definitely a good one if you find the right girl since it’s so long, though the upbeat coda presents a challenge.

Lucky No. 13

13 years ago today I woke up a single man. This morning I watched as our two year old (our fourth child) made a successful bid on the potty. God has been good, and his grace has been immeasurable. So has Cindy and so has hers.

Irreconcilable Differences (Part 2) – I Do … Again

On Monday, I touched somewhat briefly on how divorce has affected me. But I could write a series of posts on divorce and its effect on a child, at least from a personal view—anything more extensive sounds like a lot of work with a ton of research. So here I’ll just write from my own perspective and share some wonderful stories of how irreconcilable differences became reconcilable.