What's Really Scary

If you weren't aware, October is Pastor Appreciation month. Many churchgoers might night know about this month-long opportunity to lavish praise and gratitude on their ministers, but most of us men and women of the cloth do. Very often we receive greeting cards of thanks and gift cards to area restaurants. Sometimes it may simply be a check, which for our family has on more than one occasion been a timely resource for an urgent need.

Working Myself Out of a Job

One of the first pastors I worked with, one who took more arrows for me than I knew at the time (not the fiery kind Satan uses but the ones church people are as skilled at aiming as Robin Hood), always used to say that we should be working ourselves out of our jobs. That ministry belongs not just to pastors but to everyone who follows Jesus. ... Well, I have another prospect, which could lead to working myself out of my current job.